Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals

Aug 9 2022 Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, IntelliJ IDEA CE 2022.1.3

Part 1: Use Data Types & Operations

5. Challenge: Booleans

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This video Challenge: Booleans was last updated on Aug 9 2022

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To practice working with Booleans, I’ve got two short challenges for you! :]

* Challenge 1:
* Check and store in a Boolean if a password is secure.
* For simplicity, we can say that a password is secure if it has
* at least 10 characters.
* */

* Challenge 2:
* Check if two people have the same name length.
* */
val myPassword = "y0uW1llNotH4ckM3"
val isPasswordSecure = myPassword.length >= 10
val buddyName = "Filip"
val strangerName = "Jane"
val areSameLength = buddyName.length == strangerName.length