Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals

Aug 9 2022 · Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, IntelliJ IDEA CE 2022.1.3

Part 2: Manage Control Flow

10. Introduction

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Hello there, and congratulations on reaching the second part of this course. In this part, you'll learn more about a really important concept in programming, control flow. You'll use various mechanisms like ranges, loops and the when expression to utilize control flow and change the way your code behaves. You'll use it to also add ways to repeat pieces of your code multiple times. Control flow or the flow of control is the way our program behaves and decides which branch of the flow it will take next. It uses things like if/else, when statements and loops to either determine the next piece of code you want to execute, or to look over a piece of code, executing it multiple times. We've done a bit of control flow in the previous part, but this time around you'll be introduced to new concepts. After this part of the course, you'll be able to fully manipulate the flow of control of your programs. So let's go with the flow (laughs).