Android & Kotlin Learning Paths

Android and Kotlin for Beginners 6 courses

Your introduction to Android app development starts here! In this learning path, you’ll build your very first Android apps. Along the way, you’ll learn all about the Kotlin programming language.

Android User Interfaces 4 courses

Building apps requires a good command of the various user interface elements that bring life and utility to an app. Get started with Layouts, RecyclerView, and Animations in this Android learning path!

Android Data and Networking 7 courses

Behind most every Android app is the data that drives it - but where does this data come from, and how do you save that data? This learning path covers methods to save data on Android, along with mobile networking basics and how to do background processing in your Android apps.

Android IDEs and Tools 3 courses

When you spend your life designing and debugging apps inside Android Studio, you want your time to be well spent! Learn how to use the many tools in Android Studio to debug and build your apps with a minimum of fuss. You’ll also cover how to build a release-ready APK and upload it to the Google Play Store.

Software Engineering for Android 3 courses

There’s a lot more to app building than just knowing your way around Android Studio. In this path, you’ll cover some of the tools that developers use every day to get their jobs done. Work with Git, learn your way around the command line, and finally build graphic elements for your app in Sketch.

Android UI & UX: Beyond the Basics Pro 8 courses

You’ve built your first Android app, or maybe your second … but there’s a lot more to learn! In this path, you’ll learn some of the key UI and UX principles that professional Android developers needs in their toolbox, including notifications, motion layout, multi-window and inset handling, Wear OS, best practices for visual feedback, dark theme, and more!

Polish Your Android App Pro 6 courses

You’ve built out the next killer Android app, and it’s functional … but not beautiful. Time to ship? Not quite! In this path, you’ll see how to make it through that final mile and add visual and functional polish to your app, to help it stand out and gain approval from your users. You’ll cover wireframing, prototyping, user testing, dark theme, UX/Design tips and tricks, animations, in-app reviews and more!

Android Architecture Pro 3 courses

As you move further into your career as a professional Android developer, you’ll soon realize that planning out and building your apps with an overall architecture in mind, will make your life (and your teammates' lives) that much easier! In this path, you’ll work with three of the most common architectures used in modern Android development: MVI, or Model-View-Intent; MVP, or Model-View-Presenter; and MVVM, or Model-View-ViewModel.

Advanced Android Data & Networking Pro 7 courses

Learn where the data behind your apps comes from! You’ll learn how to use multiple technologies to persist data, including SQLDelight, Android DataStore, and others. You’ll also learn about making network calls to retrieve data using techniques such as Retrofit and Coroutines, image wrangling with Picasso, OkHttp Interceptors, and more.