Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals

Aug 9 2022 · Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, IntelliJ IDEA CE 2022.1.3

Part 2: Manage Control Flow

12. Challenge: Use While Loops

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It's time for your next challenge. The challenge is to create a loop that counts down from 10, and instead of zero, you should print out blast off. That's right, your launching rockets from the comfort of your home, or office, or wherever you're watching this class from. Pause this video, and try it out. (gentle music) How did the challenge go for you? Hopefully you did well. Let's start by creating a new counter variable, and set it to 10. It's time to add the while loop. This loop will run, so long as the counter is greater than zero. Add in the following code. Next, print out the counter, then make sure to decrement it. Finally, after the loop, print out the text, blast off. And that's it, you have a countdown. Now, run the project. You get a countdown followed by the words, blast off.