Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals

Aug 9 2022 Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, IntelliJ IDEA CE 2022.1.3

Part 3: Functions & Nullability

22. Write Custom Functions

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This video Write Custom Functions was last updated on Aug 9 2022

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In the previous parts of the course, you had to copy and paste code which you used multiple times. If these are smaller bits of code, then it wasn’t that big of a deal, but if you had to copy large pieces of code and change them according to some parameters, then you’re in trouble.

fun printHello() {

fun printHello(name: String) {
  println("Hello $name")
fun printHello(name: String = "World") {
name = "Fela"
val mood = "Happy"
  val mood = "Happy" // Cannot be accessed outside this function
// Outside the function
//  println(mood) // would cause a compile-time error
fun printHello(name: String = "World", isVeteran: Boolean = false) {
    if (isVeteran) println("Hello $name! Thank you for your service.")
    else println("Hello $name")
printHello(name = "Sam")
printHello(isVeteran = true)
printHello(name = "Sam", isVeteran = true)
printHello(isVeteran = true, name = "Sam")
printHello("Sam", isVeteran = true)