Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch

Jul 5 2022 Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1

Part 3: Coding in Kotlin

26. Conclusion

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You have just completed all the must haves programming todos for your first android app. Bullseye is now fully playable and has the core features built into it.

We now have a Minimum Viable Product or MVP for short that we could ship or send out to some testers for feedback.

Along the way you learned about kotlin and android developemnt. You learned the basics of building UIs in android. How to add interactive features and reference your views from the activity.

You also learned the basics of the kotlin programming language. You learned about variables, decision statements, functions and classes. You also used the kotlin standard library to simplify some operations in your code.

That’s a lot of knowledge covered in one course and this is the foundational knowledge you will be building from as you progress down this learning path.

You did it!!! You created your first app and learned so much along the way.

Now, its okay if you didnt understand everything we’ve covered in this course…especially the kotlin parts.

We’ll keep going through them as we continue building the rest of the bullseye app and as we go further down the Android and Kotlin for Beginners learning path.

Okay, so this wraps up your first Kotlin Android App course, but we have more features to explore to make our app really shine.

In the next course, we’ll continue where we left off and focus on polishing the app. You’ll build in more features into the bullseye game.

By the end of that course, you’ll finish the app by adding fun features and a professional look.

So if you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of android development using Kotlin then you definately have to take the next course.

That’s it for this one. I’ll see you in the next course.