Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch
Part 3: Coding in Kotlin Introduction
— Android & Kotlin

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This video was last updated on Jul 5 2022

Get an overview of what we’ll be covering in this part and why it’s important.


Welcome to the final part of “Your First Kotlin Android App: An App from Scratch.” As a grand finale, you’ll complete the items in your programming todos list by adding the points calculation to the game.

You’ll start off by learning about kotlin standard library which is just a collection of ready made functions that helps you perform some common operations.

You’ll then learn more about functions and create a function to calculate the points. You’ll write different iterations of this function starting from a very basic verison and then improve on it till we develop an optimal solution.

During these iterations, you’ll learn about different kotlin features like conditional statements such as the if/else statement. And you’ll discover more functions provided by kotlin’s standard library.

So get ready and let’s dive in!!!