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Use Arrow Notation

This video was last updated on Jun 21 2022

Dart provides a nice little shortcut when writing functions called arrow notation. While it makes your functions easier to read, it raises questions about the void return type.


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Often times when you will write a function that is composed of a single line of code, you can actually shorthand to make a function a single line of code. You use what is known as arrow notation. It’s also known as fat arrow syntax or lambda syntax.

int add(int itemA, int itemB) {
    return itemA + itemB;
void main() {
    print(add(1, 2));
int add(int itemA, int itemB) => itemA + itemB;
void log(String message) => print(message);
void main() {
    log('this space is for rent');
void main() => log('this space is for rent');