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Map & Filter Collections

This video was last updated on Jun 21 2022

Put anonymous functions to use by using the map function and the filter function on Lists to both transform and filter values.


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Now that you have a good idea at how to work with anonymous functions, it’s time to build on that by working with a list. A list comes with two different functions called map and filter. We will start with the map function.

var names = [
    { 'firstName': 'Frank', 'lastName': 'Oz' },
    { 'firstName': 'Jim', 'lastName': 'Henson' },
    { 'firstName': 'Stan', 'lastName': 'Winston' }
var fullNames = 
var fullNames =;
var fullNames = {

final firstName = item['firstName'];
final lastName = item['lastName'];
if (firstName != null && lastName != null) {

return '$firstName $lastName';
var muppetCreators = names.where((item) {

final lastName = item['lastName'];
if (lastName != null) {
    return (lastName == 'Oz' || lastName == 'Henson');
return false;