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Learn Generic Functions

This video was last updated on Jun 21 2022

Understand the basics of writing generic functions. That is, writing a function that can be used by many different types.


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In the last episode, you were introduced to generics. You saw how the help you write code once that can be used for a lot of different types. Now, it’s time to actually write some generic code. One big thing to keep in mind - generic code must be, er, generic. Meaning, you must write code in a way that ensures that the type is able to be used in way you want to use it.

List<T> toList<T>
List<T> toList<T>(T item1, T item2, T item3) {

return [item1, item2, item3];
var scoreList = toList<int>(58, 94, 78);
var scoreList = toList(58, 94, 78);
var nameList = toList('Brian', 'Larry', 'Curly');