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Challenge: Write a Generic Function

This video was last updated on Jun 21 2022

Now that you understand generics, you’ll put your new knowledge to the test by writing a method that filters a collection of numbers.


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Now it’s time for the last and final challenge of this course. You just watched two episodes on generics. Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

var scores = [
    [96, 46, 87],
    [87, 78, 80],
    [90, 86, 95],

var interests = [
    ['Video Games', 'Reading', 'Soccer'],
    ['Gymnastics', 'Step Dancing', 'Softball'],
    ['Horseback Riding', 'Hockey', 'Writing']
List<T> flattenList
List<T> flattenList<T>
List<T> flattenList<T>(List<List<T>> list) {

var flatList = <T>[];
for (var item in list) {
    for (var subItem in item) {

return flatList;
// Takes in a list of lists and extracts all items into a single list
var flatScores = flattenList(scores);
var flatInterests = flattenList(interests);