Programming in Dart: Classes

Jun 28 2022 · Dart 2.17, Flutter 3.0, DartPad

Part 1: Understand Classes

05. Challenge: Define a Constructor

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With your new knowledge of constructors, I think it’s time to give you another challenge. In your first challenge, you created an RPG character class. Your going to do it again, only this, I want to create a constructor that takes in the character’s name and the three stats.

class RPGCharacter {

String name;
int strength;
int dexterity; 
int constitution;
RPGCharacter(, this.strength, this.dexterity, this.constitution);
void printStats() {
    print('$name has $strength strength, $dexterity dexterity, and $constitution constitution');
    print('$name has $strength strength, '
          '$dexterity dexterity, and $constitution'
          ' constitution.');
 var fizBoz = RPGCharacter('Fizboz', 13, 10, 17);
RPGCharacter(, { this.strength = 0, this.dexterity = 0, this.constitution = 0 });
var fizBoz = RPGCharacter('Fizboz', strength: 13, dexterity: 10, constitution: 17);