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Override Methods

This video was last updated on Jun 28 2022

See how to to provide different implementations of methods in child classes.


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Often times when you write a subclass, you want to make a change in the way an object behaves. This can result in adding new methods but also, you change existing methods as well. This is known as overriding. When we override a method, you can provide a different implementation of that method. But yet, there are times where we still want to use the original method.

class Teacher {
  List<int> grades;
  int getAverage() {
    int sum = 0;
    for (var grade in grades) {
      sum += grade;
    return sum ~/ grades.length;
class StudentTeacher extends Teacher {

int getAverage() => super.getAverage() + 5;
var grades = [68, 80, 96, 37];
var teacher = Teacher(grades);
var studentTeacher = StudentTeacher(grades);