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Modern Concurrency in Swift

Second Edition · iOS 16 · Swift 5.8 · Xcode 14

Section I: Modern Concurrency in Swift

Section 1: 11 chapters
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Welcome to Modern Concurrency in Swift, the book that walks you through the amazing concurrency APIs introduced by Apple in Swift 5.5.

Swift is a powerful, all-purpose programming language that’s currently expanding beyond Apple’s platforms (like iOS, macOS, tvOS and so on) and into new platforms like Linux, Windows, and more.

To help the language take on a whole new set of tasks, Swift 5.5 introduced a modern concurrency model with a native syntax for asynchronous operations and tighter integration between the concurrent APIs, the compiler and runtime.

Most of the books from Kodeco are “By Tutorials”. Since this book targets developers who already have intermediate/advanced Swift skills, however, we skipped that part of the book title.

The book chapters consist of a healthy mix of theory sections that introduce new concepts and APIs, and step-by-step tutorials. By the time you’re done working through all the projects, Swift’s concurrency model won’t hold any secrets for you!

Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

How to read this book

Most of this book’s chapters build from one concept to the next. We suggest reading it chapter-by-chapter to make sure you aren’t missing any crucial knowledge you need for any of the advanced chapters.

However, the chapters are also mostly self-contained, so if you feel comfortable with one of the topics, feel free to skip ahead to the next topic in the list.

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