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Functional Programming in Kotlin by Tutorials

First Edition · Android 12 · Kotlin 1.6 · IntelliJ IDEA 2022

Section I: Functional Programming Fundamentals

Section 1: 8 chapters
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Section 4: 13 chapters
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i. What You Need
Written by Massimo Carli

To follow along with this book, you’ll need the following:

  • IntelliJ IDEA Version 2022 or higher: This book uses IntelliJ IDEA Version 2022. While you can use other editors, this book shows examples using this editor. You can download IntelliJ IDEA 2022 or higher from the JetBrains website.

  • Android Studio Bumblebee or higher: There are a couple of chapters in Section III that use an Android app for real-world examples. For those chapters, this book expects you to open and build the project using Android Studio. Download Android Studio Bumblebee (2021) or higher from the Android developer website.

  • Kotlin 1.6: If you’re using IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, the editor comes bundled with Kotlin already. If you’re choosing another editor, you can download Kotlin at This book assumes you have basic knowledge of Kotlin. If you’re unfamiliar with Kotlin, start with Kotlin Apprentice.

  • A readiness to learn! This book assumes you’re here to learn some exciting things. Dive right in . :]

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