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First Edition · Android 12 · Kotlin 1.5 · Android Studio Bumblebee

“In loving memory of my wife, Huma. Not every warrior carries a sword.”

Fuad Kamal

“To my partner Miguel, who has pushed my career by helping me see beyond my mental limitations and has been by my side as I achieve what I never thought I would. To my mom and sister, who support me unconditionally and help me every day to stay on track and find new strategies to become a better version of myself. To my grandma and grandpa, who were by my side when I was growing up. To my friends, who are always there for me to hear my craziest ideas and give fun to my days. To Ray Wenderlich and each of the members of the team for giving me this great opportunity to write my first book and to explore the great world of teaching what I love the most.”

Evana Margain

“To my parents, friends and colleagues, who have always supported me and pushed me to achieve more. This book wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

Subhrajyoti Sen

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