MVP on Android

In this course, you will learn how to build an Android app using the Model-View-Presenter presentation architecture pattern. By Joe Howard.

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Let's review what you will be learning in this course, including a brief discussion on the benefits of MVP and the course sample project

MVP 4:03
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Learn about the need for architecture patterns like MVP and define the components of an MVP-based app.

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Create the Model classes for the course sample project, including adding JUnit tests of Model classes.

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Create a repository interface for saving your Model data, and implement a concrete version of the repository using the Room database library.

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See how interfaces and contracts are used with the MVP pattern, and define the Presenter interface and a BasePresenter class.

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Examine the XML layout file and Kotlin class that constitute the Add Creature screen, and define and implement the MVP View interface.

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Implement the Presenter interface in a concrete class that extends from the BasePresenter class, and call the Presenter from the View.

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Use JUnit to add unit tests to verify the functionality of the Presenter, while utilizing Mockito to mock dependent classes.

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Prove out your understanding of writing Presenter tests by adding more tests to verify the correct functionality of the Presenter.

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Add the ability for the Presenter to save data into the repository when receiving a save user event from the View.

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Put your new MVP skills to work by creating a Presenter for the All Creatures screen that shows a list of all creatures in the repository.

Conclusion 2:07
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Review what you learned in the course and learn about other potential architecture patterns for your Android apps.

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