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Saving Data on Android

Second Edition · Android 11 · Kotlin 1.5 · Android Studio 4.2

Using Firebase

Section 3: 11 chapters
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Saving Data on Android Cover
Saving Data on Android Cover

Dragons are an extremely common and ancient piece of folklore in nearly all cultures around the world. Most dragons are thought to breathe fire, or even ice, but legend has it that green dragons breathe acid. Any warrior brave enough to charge a green dragon would have the story of her battle permanently etched on her armor and shield from the dragon’s acid.

Saving data on Android etches the story of data in a persistent manner on the user’s device. There’s hardly an app out there that doesn’t persist data in some way. After reading Saving Data on Android, you’ll be armed and ready to charge fearlessly into battle with the dragons of development, to save your users’ data!

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