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Advanced iOS App Architecture

Fourth Edition · iOS 15 · Swift 5.5 · Xcode 13.2

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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Section I

Section 1: 9 chapters
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About the Authors

Josh Berlin is an author of this book. He loves building thoughtful user experiences on mobile. He’s currently an iOS engineer at Hatch building products to help people sleep better. He’s built apps for the iPhone and iPad since 2008. Josh recently finished culinary school in Austin, TX. When he’s not coding, he’s probably cooking or dreaming of food.

René Cacheaux is an author of this book. He loves to architect and build software. He currently is a Mobile Architect at Atlassian where his mission is to design Atlassian’s mobile platform. He especially loves all things mobile and currently architects for both Android and Apple platforms. René has been engineering iOS apps since 2009 and has experience in mobile client and server engineering, mobile user experience design and product management. René has worked on a wide range of apps spanning from industrial sales enablement to world-wide social networking. René enjoys starting his days in true Austin-Texas fashion with a a breakfast taco alongside a freshly brewed cappuccino. In addition to building mobile apps, he loves to travel, snow ski, ocean kayak and root for his alma mater, the Texas Longhorns.

About the Editor

Darren Ferguson is doubling as the tech editor and the final pass editor for this book. He’s an experienced software developer and works for M.C. Dean, Inc, a systems integration provider from North Virginia. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him enjoying EPL Football, traveling as much as possible and spending time with his wife and daughter. Find Darren on Twitter at @darren102.

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