Advanced Networking with URLSession

Dive deeper into URLSession. Learn how to upload data and how to perform background downloads. Work with sockets and use WebSockets for real-time messaging. Learn about authentication, App Transport Security, and cookies. By Felipe Laso-Marsetti.

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Learning path

This is part of the iOS Data & Networking learning path. View path.

Who is this for?

Intermediate developers. You should be comfortable with the Swift programming language.

You’ll start by uploading data, then you’ll learn how to make background network requests. Later, you’ll learn how to work with sockets, how to make authenticated requests, and about App Transport Security.

Finaly, you’ll learn how to work with cookies.

Covered concepts

  • URLSession
  • Uploading Files
  • Vapor
  • Background Downloads
  • Authentication
  • Sockets
  • WebSockets
  • App Transport Security
  • Cookies

Part 1: Upload Data, Background Downloads & WebSockets

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Introduction to the Advanced Networking with URLSession course.

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Learn about Vapor, the open-source server written in Swift, and how to install it locally for the next episode.

Upload Data 14:43
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Learn how to upload data to your local Vapor instance.

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Learn about background tasks and how to use one to handle background events.

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Provide viewers with an overview of BSD sockets and explain how Apple’s networking framework works.

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Use the WebSocket task to connect to a local Vapor server in order to send messages in real-time. You will, essentially, create a very small and simple chat server.

Conclusion 0:37
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Wrap up the first part of the course and review the learned contents.

Part 2: Authentication, Cookies & App Transport Security

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Introduction to part 2 of the Advanced Networking with URLSession course.

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Learn about the different ways to authenticate, and provide authentication, when working with URLSession.

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iOS tends to be quite strict when it comes to security, specially when making network requests. Learn about App Transport Security and how it can affect your network requests.

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Learn about cookies and their role in networking. You’ll also work with cookies.

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In this challenge, you’ll use the knowledge gained in the previous episode to print not just one, but all of the cookies available to you from your request.

Conclusion 1:46
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Wrap up the course and review the learned contents.

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