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In-App Purchases
Part 1: Getting Started Challenge: Add More In-App Purchases
— iOS & Swift

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Crying Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.CryingOwl A very sad owl

Good Job Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.GoodJobOwl An owl that’s done a great job

Good Night Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.GoodNightOwl A very sleepy owl

In Love Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.InLoveOwl An owl deeply in love

Lonely Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.LonelyOwl A very sad and lonely owl

Night Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.NightOwl This owl likes to stay up late

Shy Owl - com.x.course.iap.2022.ShyOwl A shy but friendly owl

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