Programming in Dart: Control Flow & Collections

May 3 2022 Dart 2.15, DartPad, DartPad

Part 2: More Collections

17. Challenge: Play with Sets

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This video Challenge: Play with Sets was last updated on May 3 2022

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Now to dive into the last challenge for this course. This challenge is going to read like a math problem, so buckle up and hold on. Raunaq, Jean, Eric, Yogesh and Sally took a plane trip to Osaka. Raunaq and Eric had the vegetarian dinner. They rest had the fish dinner. Unfortunately, the fish was bad and made everyone sick. Using a set, print out the people who at the fish. Pause the video now and try it out.

var passengers = { 'Raunaq', 'Jean', 'Eric', 'Yogesh', 'Sally'};
var veggie = { 'Raunaq', 'Eric' };
var sickPassengers = passengers.difference(veggie);
for (var passenger in sickPassengers) {