SwiftUI: Layout & Interfaces

Nov 18 2021 Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 2: Aligning Views

18. Conclusion

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So there you go! Layout and Interfaces in SwiftUI! What do you think of what SwiftUI offers, for layout? Personally, I love the way that you can learn a few concepts about Stacks and Alignment, and make so much happen with so little code.

If you’re still looking to dive deeper into putting together SwiftUI Views, here are a couple recommendations:

First: you’ve learned what I think is the most useful capability of GeometryReaders: working with the size of parent views.

But Geometry Proxies can also be subscripted using the Anchor type. This is an advanced feature which lets you transform points of one view, into the coordinate space of another.

If that sounds like something you need, go check it out. But be warned, you’re venturing into the territory of “No overview available”, when it comes to documentation.

Also, we’ve got a great related course called “Drawing in iOS with SwiftUI”. There, you’ll focus on creating Custom Controls with vector-based Shapes.

But of course, feel free to continue on with our iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI learning path. The course that we’ve got lined up to follow this one is SwiftUI: Animation. Hopefully I’ll see you there, but in any case, thanks for joining me for this course.