Programming in Swift: Fundamentals

Oct 19 2021 · Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 4: More Collections

33. Conclusion

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Notes: 33. Conclusion

Update Notes: The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of October 2021.

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I'm so happy you made it through that last section. Really, really well done. I'm so proud of you. Dictionaries and sets are definitely more complex collections for sure, but you're going to come across them time and time again in your development career, so it's a really good idea to understand them really well. You've learned quite a lot in this course about the building blocks of creating and working with all types of collections. So, you started with the tuple or tuple, however we like to pronounce it. And then you moved on to arrays. And then you learned how to iterate over arrays, and work with the elements inside the array. And then you took those concepts from arrays and applied them to dictionaries. And you learned how the key value pair works. And then you finished off with sets and learned some really advanced concepts like unions and intersections. Now, don't underestimate what you've covered so far. You've learned quite a lot in a really short time. There's just one more section left in this course. Section five covers swift methods, functions, and what's known as named types. And once you've made it through that last section of the course, you will be completely ready to take on the next course in the series, your second iOS app. You're nearly done, and I'll see you in the next section.