Core Data: Fundamentals

Jul 19 2022 · Swift 5.5, iOS 15.4, Xcode 13.3.1

Part 2: Saving Launches

12. Inserting Data Into the Context

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In the last video you created a managed object subclass for the RocketLaunch entity. Now you can use this class to create instances of a RocketLaunch for users to save. If you build and run the app, you’ll see a new rocket launch button at the bottom of the screen. When you tap on that you’re presented with a modal view to enter details about the rocket launch.

let persistenceController = PersistenceController.shared
	.environment(\.managedObjectContext, persistenceController.container.viewContext)
import CoreData
@Environment(\.managedObjectContext) var viewContext
let launch = RocketLaunch(context: self.viewContext) =
launch.notes = self.notes
launch.launchDate = self.launchDate
launch.isViewed = self.isViewed
launch.launchpad = self.launchpad
do {
catch {
  let nserror = error as NSError
  fatalError("Unresolved error \(nserror), \(nserror.userInfo)")
  static func createWith(
    name: String,
    notes: String,
    launchDate: Date,
    isViewed: Bool,
    launchpad: String,
    using managedObjectContext: NSManagedObjectContext
  ) {}
	notes: self.notes,
	launchDate: self.launchDate,
	isViewed: false,
	launchpad: self.launchpad,
  using: self.viewContext)
A really cool launch
My back yard
I really hope this takes off!