Your Second Flutter App

Nov 30 2021 · Dart 2.13, Flutter 2.2.3, Visual Studio Code

Part 2: Show a List

11. Introduction

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Welcome to part two of this course. At this point so far, we've fetched a list of courses from the network and we printed them out on the screen. But globs of text aren't really a very good user experience. Rather, we're going to take that data and put it into a list. And for that, you'll use the list view. We'll begin this part of the course by showing you how to set up a list view widget in flutter. You'll then build out a list tile widget for each row of the list view. The list tile will contain other widgets that will show the course data for each video course, including showing an image for the course that you'll retrieve over the network. Okay. So let's keep working on this app.