Flutter Navigator 2.0

Nov 8 2022 Dart 2.17.3, Flutter 3.0.2, Android Studio 2020.3

Part 2: Deep Dive Into Navigator 2.0

3. What are we Going to Build

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This video What are we Going to Build was last updated on Nov 8 2022

This is a Book app where user can select a book that they want to buy. At first we get an initialisation screen where our app gets initialised and then goes to Login Screen.

At login screen the user has to login with email id and password. There is a sign in page screen where user can create a their account to login in future.

At Home Screen we see a grid view which displays all the books. The App bar consists of the title and cart and settings which helps us to navigate to cart and Settings screens.

Clicking on the Book title will take us to the detail screen which shows all the details of the selected book, like name, author etc. We have also a sample button and a Buy Now button.

The sample button takes us to read sample page, where a demo of the book is present where. User can decide the book after reading the sample page. It has a buy button which will add the book to the cart.

On details screen also we have a Buy Now button will add the book to the cart. Which we can check out later. In Cart Screen we show a list of all the selected book where user can checkout screen or remove the books from the cart.

The Settings Screens will display all the settings of the app and will hold two buttons My Books - which displays a list of the books the user has bought and can read them, and logout button where user can logout from the app. This is the overall application that we are going to build.

Our project structure is divided into 3 directories; helpers, screen, widgets. The helper directory consists of our book database, the constants that we will need throughout our application. The HelperFunction consists few of the helper function which we will need in our app.

The Screens Directory consists all the Screen that we have in our application. The Widgets Directory consists of all the widgets that we have extracted and used in our app.

Our Sign up and login screens helps us to create the user account and login the user in future. Home Screen we see a grid view which displays all the books in a grid view. Just like this we have all the othe screens that displays the specific part of the app, as per the name suggest.