Xcode Tips and Tricks

Learn to use Xcode to the max! Improve your IDE proficiency with techniques such as keyboard shortcuts, editing, and other magic not possible with code alone. By Jessy Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

To get the most out of this course, you should be comfortable with writing Swift code in Xcode. This course won’t be teaching the basics of how to use Xcode—just how to increase your proficiency and turn you into a master. If you're not comfortable with writing Swift code yet, check out our beginner learning paths.

Covered concepts

  • Xcode Library
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Code Snippets
  • Targets
  • SwiftUI

Part 1: Xcode Tips & Tricks

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Being able to navigate your project with keyboard shortcuts is your best road to proficiency in Xcode. In this episode, you'll learn the most-used shortcuts.

Behaviors 1:49
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Set up your perfect coding environment using behaviors and tabs, then switch to it at will with a keyboard shortcut!

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Code snippets are useful for templates of frequently-used boilerplate code. Create a library of them, and share them!

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Utilize the LibraryContentProvider protocol, and the LibraryItem structure, to add your own views and modifiers to Xcode's library.

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The Library is very handy for discoverability in SwiftUI, but the inspector and "show code actions" menu can be even more useful.

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SwiftUI may be the star of Xcode integration these days, but Swift itself has some features which Xcode can render in a very useful way.

Targets 3:05
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If you're going to be building a multiplatform app, for Apple's ecosystem, using per-file target membership is a fantastic solution.

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Xcode has you covered if you need to have the same header for all of the files in a project—perhaps, copyright information for the organization you work for.

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