SwiftUI Animation

Get started animating all sorts of SwiftUI views, including shapes, fades, transitions, and interacting with animation! By Jessy Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

This course is part of our iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI learning path. You're ready for this course if you're working through that learning path in order, or you're someone who has a bit of iOS and Swift experience: enough to know the basics of putting views onscreen in a SwiftUI-based app.

This course isn’t suited for advanced developers. If that’s you, check out our advanced video courses for more ways to level-up your developer skills!

Covered concepts

  • Animation
  • Rotating
  • Spinner view
  • Transition effects
  • Interactive animations

Part 1: Beginning with SwiftUI Animation

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Every animation in SwiftUI is based on a simple principle: an animation is a change in value or state over time.

Animation 5:03
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Marking properties as 'State' will trigger a new snapshot of your view each time they’re modified. These can be automatically interpolated by SwiftUI!

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An Animation is a small collection of data that defines the properties of a resulting animated effect. These include duration and timing curve information.

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Create a tappable thumbnail image which will present a larger version of itself with a neat combination of animations.

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You've animated quite a few properties at the point: including color, position, and scale. Your challenge is to add rotation to the mix.

Spinner 8:13
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Over the rest of this part, you'll build by working to build a modern, fluid spinner-view. You'll lay the foundations for it in this episode.

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Combine multiple animations into one amazing composition. Utilize transition effects, along with the Animations type you've learned about already.

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At this point, you know plenty about creating animations with SwiftUI. But there is one last topic to cover: creating beautiful animations driven by the user.

Conclusion 0:52
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Review some key points to keep in mind, as you continue exploring, regarding shapes, State, gestures, and other modifiers.