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Flutter & Dart New
Live Chat With Pusher Using Provider
Learn how to setup a real-time messaging Flutter App using Pusher API and a Go backend deployed as a containerised web service to GCP Cloud Run.
Android & Kotlin Requires a pro subscription Pro New
Jetpack Compose by Tutorials
In this book, you’ll learn how to build a powerful app using Jetpack Compose, how to style your apps using Material Design, special animations and state transitions, how to use modifiers and much more! This book will serve you as a central point that holds all the information you need to dive deep into Jetpack Compose, then apply it to your personal and production level projects. You’ll focus on learning Jetpack Compose not only through theory, but also through real-world project examples. After reading this book, you’ll become a true expert on the topic and you’ll learn how to switch your mindset and start to think in Jetpack Compose and declarative programming.
Flutter & Dart Requires a pro subscription Pro New
Flutter Desktop Apps: Getting Started
Learn how to create a Flutter Desktop App for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Create applications that run as fast as native apps and look like a native app. Use the native menu system and access local files.
Game Tech New
Introduction To Unity Unit Testing
Learn all about the Unity Test Framework and how to set up Unit Tests in your Unity projects.
The Kodeco Podcast
Kodeco Podcast: Hack Your Job Search – Podcast Vol2, S1 E9
Jenn Bailey and Tim Condon join Suz and the recovered Dru to talk about the new book, “Hack your Job Search”
Flutter & Dart New
State Restoration of Flutter App
Android and iOS interrupt application processes to optimize resource usage by killing the app, losing the app’s state. Here, you’ll explore clever state restoration techniques in Flutter.
Server-Side Swift New
Supporting REST and HTML with a gRPC Microservice
Any microservice can become a gRPC microservice. gRPC and protobuf work together to bring more structure to building out APIs, even if your service has to work across different clients or support streams of data. The system generates model and networking code for the protocol — you define the API using a .proto file which […]
iOS & Swift New
iOS Conferences for Mobile Developers in 2023
Discover the top iOS conferences of 2023! From keynote speakers to workshops, learn from industry experts and network with fellow developers to boost your iOS career.
Android & Kotlin New
Graphics Using Jetpack Compose
Learn to create custom graphics using Jetpack Compose in Android with the convenient Canvas composable and the Paint object.
Multiple Domains Requires a pro subscription Pro New
Professional Development Seminars 2023
You’ve built your development skills through our high-quality, up-to-date books and videos, and now it’s time to take things to the next level! Our Professional Development Seminars are live, bi-monthly events designed to connect you with top-tier developers and other professionals from our community, who are ready to share their hard-won and battle-tested advice with you, available exclusively to Annual Ultimate Pro Subscribers.
The Kodeco Podcast
Kodeco Podcast: iOS Dev Happy Hour – Podcast Vol2, S1 E9
With Dru under the weather Suz flies solo to talk to the folks from the iOS Dev Happy Hour about hosting online gatherings.
iOS & Swift New
Swift Apprentice: Fundamentals
This is a book for complete beginners to Apple’s modern programming language — Swift. All the code in the book works inside of Xcode’s easy-to-use playgrounds. That means you can focus on core Swift language concepts, such as classes, protocols, and generics without getting bogged down by extraneous details. This is a companion book to the SwiftUI Apprentice; the SwiftUI Apprentice focuses on building apps, while Swift Apprentice focuses on the Swift language itself.
Multiple Domains New
People-First Leadership: A Key to Successful Dev Teams
Discover the benefits of people-first team management and learn practical strategies for leading with empathy and prioritizing employee well-being. Improve team performance and foster a positive work culture.
iOS & Swift New
SwiftUI Fundamentals
An introduction to building iOS user interfaces with SwiftUI! Learn about SwiftUI Views and modifiers, common SwiftUI controls, fundamental layout tools, navigation and data flow, and how to make the most of SwiftUI previews.
Flutter & Dart New
Flutter Accessibility: Getting Started
Learn how to improve the accessibility of your Flutter app by providing more semantic details for screen readers and following other items from Flutter’s accessibility checklist.
iOS & Swift New
Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: Polishing the App
This course is the sequel to “Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch.” In this course, we’ll finish off our “nice-to-haves” on our programming to-do list for Bull’s Eye, resulting in a professional and polished app.
The Kodeco Podcast
Kodeco Podcast: Life After Bootcamp – Podcast Vol2, S1 E8
As we wind down our episodes on Bootcamps, we talk to recent Kodeco Bootcamp graduates Bob DeLaurentis and Eric Jenkinson. We delve into the worth, the experience, and what comes next.
Flutter & Dart New
Dart Mixins Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
Learn about Flutter mixins, which help you implement some of the OOPs methodologies such as inheritance and abstraction in Dart.
iOS & Swift Requires a pro subscription Pro New
Modern Concurrency in Swift
Master Swift’s modern concurrency model! For years, writing powerful and safe concurrent apps with Swift could easily turn into a daunting task, full of race conditions and unexplained crashes hidden in a massive nesting of callback closures. In Swift 5.5, Apple introduced a new concurrency model featuring the async/await syntax, to let you write asynchronous code that reads like synchronous code. But like any new feature, here be dragons! So how will you achieve the much-desired mastery of Modern Swift Concurrency? Modern Concurrency in Swift is here for the rescue, showcasing everything you need to know about async/await, tasks, actors, and everything in between!
iOS & Swift New
Swift Regex Tutorial: Getting Started
Master the pattern-matching superpowers of Swift Regex. Learn to write regular expressions that are easy to understand, work with captures and try out RegexBuilder, all while making a Marvel Movies list app!
iOS & Swift New
Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch
Updated for 2023! If you’re a complete beginner to iOS and SwiftUI development and wondering how to get started, this is the course for you.
Game Tech
Godot 4: Getting Started
Learn the basics of how to use Godot 4 to create games and applications in this tutorial aimed at beginners.
Android & Kotlin Requires a pro subscription Pro New
Testing Legacy Apps on Android
In this course you are going to learn how to apply the test-driven development practices your learned in “Test-Driven Development in Android” on legacy Android apps. You will learn how to determine your limits when testing legacy code, how to add tests to a legacy app with no test coverage and how to refactor your legacy code for testability.
iOS & Swift Requires a pro subscription Pro New
watchOS: Complications
Learn how to develop one of the most compelling and useful features of the Apple Watch: Complications.