New Features at Kodeco — October 2023 Update

Make the most out of your time with Kodeco — check out the newest site features created just for you! By Lauren Elizabeth.

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Welcome to the latest from Kodeco. We’re here to share the freshest updates, showcase new features, and give you a sneak peak into our upcoming products. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into how to get the most from your membership! 📱✨

New Features

On-Demand Bootcamps

With a Live Bootcamp cohort for both Android and iOS well underway, we’re thrilled to announce a new way to unlock learning is available for those needing more flexibility!

With most of those interested listing either the price or the schedule of Bootcamps being the main blocker, we’ve put together an option that combines the most useful parts (and curriculum) from our Live Bootcamps and enabled them to be worked through at your own pace.

Launching in the next few weeks, our iOS On-Demand Bootcamp will take you through the full syllabus of our traditional Bootcamps, including mentor access but you can take as long (or as short) as you’d like to progress through the lessons.

Keep an eye out for Android On-Demand Bootcamps in the future!

Custom workshops for single-day upskilling!

Have a specific topic you’d like to speed-run through with the help of an expert? Know there is an update to a system you have to get all the details on but want someone to lead you through it?

These situations (and more!) are what we created for our workshops for! Workshops are run by an experienced developer and are intensive day-long virtual courses taught to impart knowledge quickly.

Check out all the starting topics we’ve created based on popular areas of focus. Let us know if you’re interested by starting a conversation with us here. We’ll discuss what you’re looking to learn and how we can fit you into the schedule.

While these classes are designed for teams, start the conversation as an individual and we can work together to make sure you can take advantage of this new opportunity!

Custom Learning Paths are live

For our Enterprise members, Custom Learning Paths are playlists you build for yourself or your team from our extensive Kodeco library of content. This enables you to create a curriculum based around your needs specifically, and supports adding video tutorials, articles, or books to your learning To-Do list.

Get started with your first Custom Learning Path here:

Once your Learning Path is created, you’ll also have the option to assign it to specific team members! Your team members will receive an email once it’s assigned, and you’ll receive an update once they’ve completed all parts of the assigned content. You’ll also see in your Reports Dashboard that you can limit the report to view by Learning Path name for detailed updates.

New Quizzes available for team members

While Quizzes for specific Learning Paths were released last quarter (and are still limited to our Enterprise team members), we’ve expanded the Learning Paths that support these features.

Quizzes are great tools to test your understanding of a topic and know when and where you should review content.

You can find newly available quizzes on the below Learning Paths:


Community Highlight 💫

Check out our Summer Book Club recordings!

You may have heard about the opportunity to register for our Book Clubs earlier this year, so we’ve also posted the recordings of the meetings in case you’d like to listen in asynchronously!

Check out the Forum space for each Book Club below to see the recordings now that we’re wrapping up the club:

  • SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club: Find the Forum page and recording links here.
  • Jetpack Compose by Tutorials Book Club: Find the Forum page and recording links here.

These spaces are limited to Kodeco subscribers, so if you’re not able to access the links above and you’re a member, please hit reply to this email for us to sort you out 😁

Check out our Newsletter Archive

In June 2023, we re-launched our newsletter to be ad-free and offer special sections designed to add extra value for your membership. Now you can review all our past newsletters on a dedicated Forum space here 👇

You can find weekly coding tips created just for the newsletter by our team, content highlights from that week or beyond, and details from the development community you might not be aware of. We also include helpful productivity (or not-so-productive) tools we have tried out and find useful.

Keep an eye out for new releases in your inbox on Tuesdays!

Coming Soon

Object-Oriented Programming

Currently, we support learning through single forms of content: book, video course, or article. We’re in progress on shaking that up, and allowing you to learn from a variety of content based on what you’d like to get out of the lesson rather than the format you’re learning from.

Be on the lookout for new content that combines video tutorials, articles, book chapters, and any other features, into a centralized path of learning centered around a single objective. We’re excited to see how you benefit from it.

Let us know what you think!

Have a suggestion of your own or have some feedback on any of the above features? Let us know!

We hope you’ll enjoy these features as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you!