Kodeco Town Hall Replay — October 26, 2022

If you didn’t catch our Kodeco Town Hall on October 26, no worries – we’ve got your replay right here! By Chris Belanger.

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Kodeco Town Hall Replay — October 26, 2022

2 mins

We’re excited to share the replay of our Kodeco Town Hall Grand Launch event that took place on October 26, 2022!

We had hundreds of people join us for the event, which featured Ray Wenderlich himself, discussing the history of the site; Chris Belanger, who took everyone on a tour through the new design fundamentals of our brand as well as a look at our new site; and finally Matt Derrick who talked about what’s next for Kodeco and our community. We even had a surprise visit from our CTO, Sam Davies, who talked a bit about how our infrastructure is set up and how we managed an in-place migration of a site with minimal interruption.

If you were able to attend, thank you! But even if you weren’t, we have the replay below for all of you to enjoy.

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